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3 major side effects of using sanitary pads you did not know about

Sanitary pads contain two chemicals known as dioxin and rayon. [Credit/]
Sanitary pads or tampons are associated with some of negative side effects that bring about certain infections to the body.

Here are the side effects of sanitary pads.

1.The sanitary pads are endowed with two chemicals known as dioxin and rayon.

These two chemicals are said to dangerous when they come into contact with the skin. They bring about different infections.

They can destroy your immune and reproductive systems in one way or another. Like in the cases of the reproductive system, they can bring about vaginal itchiness and such.

2. They cause infertility and birth defects

Among the biological causes of infertility include ovulation disorders, old age, unhealthy body weight among others.

Apart from these causes, tampons have also been found to cause the condition and this is due to the fact that they are made of dangerous chemicals. These chemicals mar the reproductive systems by interfering with embryonic development.

3. Pesticides and herbicides in pads

There are various types of sanitary pads that vary in terms of the type of material used to make them.

For instance, the cotton pads are made up of cotton which carries pesticides and herbicides. It is reported that, they normally penetrate into the bloodstream to cause more harm like irritations

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