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LADIES, here are 3 things that a husband material will never do to you during courtship

There are things that a husband material will never do to you especially during courtship. [PHOTO CREDIT/Information Nigeria]
No matter who you are and where you come from, it has become extremely rare to find or even come across a man that can make a husband material.


As a lady, getting a husband material nowadays has become like squeezing water from a desert rock. This is because all men, husband materials or not, come in the same shape, colour, manner or whatever other thing that you look for in a husband material. They have mastered the game of exploiting the naivity in every woman in quest of love!

And in such cirmustances, as a woman looking for true love, distinguishing the leopard from the sheep as pertains this matter has become a really hard nut to crack. But all is not lost!

The reality is that there are still good men left. Or wasn’t Noah still in existence when God the Creator of the Universe decided to call it quits with the evil humankind? What is really steepy and slippery here, is distinguishing chaff from grains! You have to open your eyes really wide.

That said, here are THREE sure things that a potential husband material will NEVER do to you especially during courtship.

Gal! Ask your mama from wherever she is to send you these SIGNS if you are indeed looking for a man to settle down with till death does you a part!

1. A husband material will NEVER make you feel lonely in a relationship

A relationship is two-way traffic! You leave your family and he leaves his so that you can become one. So the Bible says! A man who makes you feel otherwise while you are still in a courtship isn’t worth your time.

Gal run! Do not give him the time and pleasure of making you his wife! It will be hell on earth in your marital life with him.

2. A husband material will NEVER cheat on you

It has become a common phenomenon in our society for men to cheat on you even with your closest friends to whom you innocently introduced to him not knowing that he will turn behind your back and cannibalize them.

If he is already doing this during courtship then coming with flowers and expensive gifts to seek for your forgiveness, gal run because you are undoubtedly courting the Devil himself!

3. A husband material will NEVER disrespect you

An old adage goes, ‘a man of quality is never afraid of quality’. Therefore, if a man disrespects you during courtship because of a feature, quality or anything else that you happen to possess, quit before it is too late.

Gal run! If you wait thinking that he might change that or those perceptions he has towards you when you become his wife, then you are just like that idiot who knowingly builds a house to stay in at the foot of an active volcano!

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