Ladies; Here is why reproductive health experts wants you to give birth as much as possible


Reproductive health experts have urged women to conceive oftenly in order to defeat endometriosis which is one of the leading causes of infertility.

The experts said reduced number of children and infrequency in pregnancies in the country had seen an increase in cases of women with endometriosis, the Standard reports.

Endometriosis is a health condition where abnormal tissues align themselves in a woman’s reproductive organs, causing them extreme pain, especially during menses, and consequent infertility.

Nevertheless, Yamal Patel, a gynecologist notes that the tissues will have no room if the woman conceives oftenly.

“When you have 14 children in a row, like our mothers did in the past, there is no room for menses, hence no endometriosis,” Patel said.

One of the reasons why the experts insist on frequent pregnancies is the procedures of treating endometriosis, which is usually torturous and at times tampers with their ovaries, especially if they land in the hands of a not-so-experienced doctor.

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