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It was a sad state as More than 20 families were

left homeless and forced to sleep out in Nturukuma, Laikipia East after their houses were destroyed by strong winds and rain.

The incident occurred in numerous villages of Nturukuma and Nkando and the residents slept out in the cold on and others opted to seek refuge at a neighbor’s house.

Many properties were either swept away or destroyed by water.

Victims said the incident occurred at 6pm ahead of a heavy downpour. Veronica Ntoiye, a 55-year-old widow, said the gust destroyed her whole house as well as her cattle which she says she cannot trace them.

Area Chief Joseph Runyenje urged the El Niño committee and those involved in such incidences to come to the rescue of the affected families.

The chief who argues that it is not the first time such incidences have occurred, said that he will be in touch with local leaders and to ensure the families are relocated accordingly.

“Their condition is making them vulnerable to disease,” he said

Joseph Lopiyok, a victim, said he had never witnessed such strong winds in the area adding that they have lost property worth millions of shillings.

At least 71 families were rendered homeless after strong winds blew their houses away in Homa Bay County.

Others lamenting tha the wind was blowing heavily with impending heavy rainfall,which later became so strong leaving them homeless.

The victims said roofs of their houses were blown at least two kilometres away saying that their livestock were greatly affected by the downpoor.

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