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‘Love Is A Scam ,I Never Felt Appreciated As A Man’ Thee Pluto Opens Up On Break Up

Hunk Instagram model and businessman Robert Ndegwa ,famously know as Thee Pluto on an interview with Eve Mungai opened up about his current break up that has been making rounds on social media .

Thee Pluto who called his love story sweet and short gave details on why he broke up with his exquisite girlfriend Felicity Shiru . According to  Pluto he never felt appreciated as a man and wasn’t really loved with the indication that his girlfriend of a year had been learning to love  him .

“I feel like I rushed things ,that is a mistake that I did and I will never repeat  “, the Instagram sensation who had already introduced the girlfriend to his folks disclosed . He further disclosed that he is now looking for a partner that is not for the fame or clout but a person that is real .

“There were a lot of red flags I dint even know her family or friends “. Asked about his new content that is apparently breaking many relationships the model said that there is no use of people being together if they did not love one another .

“I am cleansing or rather sanitizing the streets people should know they people they are dating” . The businessman said that he’s single and not searching shunning the many ladies in his DM at the moment .Talking on moving on he said that he saw it coming and that as much as he still loves her  the two couldn’t get back together .

Talking on the things he had learned during the relationship and break up ,”Love is a scam and I don’t need a relationship to be fine,” he said . The content creator talked about red flags in relationships directing people to his page where he had content on the same .He shunned opposite sex friendship that he called a big joke saying  partners needed to be each others best friends .

Thee Pluto said that he was redirecting his concentration to his daughter and business .”My daughter will not stop loving me and I will introduce her real soon”. He concluded stating that he was nursing the heartbreak promising he will be okay with time .





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