Man dies shortly after taking video of scorned wife

Hours after Kenyans took to social media to condemn a video making rounds where a woman is hurling insults at the husband while he is taking a video of her, it has now emerged that the man died two weeks ago, weeks after recording the video.

The man has been identified as the late Joseph Kamau Kimanzi a senior sergeant  working with Kenya Prisons Service, Mwingi main prison, also well known to many as Kiberiti.


He is reported to have died on 2nd of April after developing complications shortly after receiving the covid-19 vaccine on 26th March 2021.

He got treated at Mwingi family care hospital on April 1st 2021 after reporting fever and fatigue which was deemed as side effects of the vaccine.

Unfortunately the next day his condition worsened where he developed breathing difficulties and he went to  Migwani Sub County hospital for immediate medical attention.

He was later  transferred to Kitui Level IV Hospitals as an emergency when his oxygen levels went low and died while undergoing treatment.

It has now emerged the man was married to the two women both named Caroline in year 1999 and 2019 respectively and had 5 children with them, two of whom could be seen in the video while one is deceased.

In the video, two children are seen preparing to go to school and a girl aged about 12 is seated between the shouting mother and the father who remains unperturbed recording the angry wife who was accusing him of discussing him with his other woman.

The man is then heard telling the young girl to listen to her mum who was spitting vulgar insults while referring to her as the devil.

Kenyans took to social media to castigate both parents accusing the mother for using such words in front of the children while others accused the man of exposing his family by recording the whole episode.

Unfortunately, this is now just a lesson for Kenyans to learn from as the man is now deceased and the family is still mourning the head of their family no matter the circumstances.

It is not clear who shared the video as chances are the man must have taken the video to intimidate the wife but not share it, hence someone else who wanted to embarrass the wife might have shared it after his demise.

May his soul rest in peace and may his family find peace.

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