If there is an industry that has been hit by mismanagement and making huge losses is the media in Kenya.This is because of formations of cartels that take over the management, convince the owners of how good they are in the game yet deep inside they know they are failures and all they need is to make quick cash. Worse enough the media owners are deceived by these lies and give in to demands of these cartels. What is left now is media houses with huge advertisements but still making huge losses.

Let’s break it a little, Nation Media Group was brought down by cartels, funny enough, what the cartels don’t do is think about the future. They only think of now and today, how much they will make if any deal is to go on in any department. They employ and give unheard off titles just to make sure the cartels have a say in a given media house. Its very hard to know their plans given the naivety of the media owners who treat junior employees like shit. When Nation media is struggling, there is a cartel that earns entertainment allowances every week just to entertain their families at the expense of many underpaid and most misused junior staff. They go for fully paid holidays and Aga khan wont question them because they are his trusted lot. So cunning is the team that when the owners start feeling the heat of lack of money, they  gang up and sack a few junior employees with meagre salary ranging from 30k, 50k, 70k, 100k and leave the idiots at the helm of the company where they continue with their wanton plunder of the company resources.

Its unbelievable that a big media house like Royal Media services is not spared either. The cartels have taken over the once ‘dream’ company of many journalists to the current shell of a company that financial constrains are the order of the day with cartels there engaged in stealing, plunder and corruption of the highest order. In an isolated incident is where HR and Accounts office were exposed of minting in over 20M every month under the disguise of Ghost workers. Can you imagine,Ghost workers in a private company? This is not all, the local film producers finds its rough to have their films given airtime unless they part with some few coins. This is the corruption that has been exported from public sector to private sector. This is a company where employees especially the junior ones have never known salary increment for over 10 years, Every year the junior employees are forced to move out to a cheaper house as the Nairobi rent keeps on being increased year in year out yet not salary increase at their work place, The cartel formed by HR there is out of this world, they have brought in all non performers from different media houses to do nothing there. A source who talked to us in anonymity literally wondered how people who never came close to RMS performance while the former COO Faridah Karoney left are now bosses who have brought their skewed reasoning at the station. While Joe Ageyo may be excused for starting KTN News at his former Standard Media Group, One wonders what Linus Kaikai  was to bring to the station given the fact that he oversaw closure of many station at Nation Media Group. What can such individual bring to the company that he wasn’t able to do it at his former station. These are the main reasons as to why the sacking from media houses wont end anytime soon.

Now barely few months after Ian Fernades resigned from Mediamax, the company is planning to fire employees, In a notice of intended redundancy given to the employees, the company blames economic downturn and loss of major revenue streams. It goes ahead to say that they are planning to reorganise and do staff restructure meaning they will abolish some positions as part of its cost cutting measure. Journalism is one of lucrative jobs in Kenya but also one of the most unstable jobs around. Save for KUJ which only work is making noise, no other body protects journalists jobs hence they are left at the mercy of their employers. This cant be explained further than the mastered the art of killing journalist careers that has seen celebrated journalist like Tom Mboya, Belinda Obura among others being killed by these ruthless employers.

Wananchi Group that owns Zuku hasn’t been left either and it plans to restructure of course this leads to job losses, they had also fired employees last year…This is what they wrote.

Dear Colleagues,

Following changes that were necessitated by the business restructuring in 2018, where both 828 and B2C entities integrated, there has been a requirement to amend the contracts to ensure seamless transfer and reassignment within the business entities.

The amendment is an addition related to reassignment and transfer to the affiliate entities which include Wananchi Group, Wananchi Telecom limited, SirribaNET, Wananchi Media and ‘SAT located in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia and UAE. This means that an employee may be reassigned or transferred to any of the affiliate entities within the same location or a different location as may be mutually agreed seamlessly without loss of years of service or other terms.

This amendment will also ensure that employees are correctly placed based on the entities they support.

Except for the amendment of transfer and reassignment all other terms of employment shall remain the same. All employees will be required to review and sign the contract amendment addendums from the HR Department from 2. to 4. October 2019.

In case of any clarification, please feel free to contact any HR staff.

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