Meet a 14-year-old boy who has made big fortune from making, selling eco-friendly candles


At just 12 years of age, Charlie Griffith’s made up his mind to start up a venture that involved making and selling products that he used to design in the comfort of his bedroom.

“I spent many hours thinking about it and decided on candles after I read about all the nasty things that go into making many of them and wanted to make some that were eco-friendly,” Griffith says.

He now designs unique candles from his company (Hood +May) which have been well received in the market enabling him to accumulate thousands of dollars from the venture

His best selling candles have the brand names, Lime, Basil and Manderlin, based on the ingriendients that he uses in them.

The candles are usually smartly packaged in reusable gas jars.

Griffith adds that he is able to create a balance between school and work by ensuring that he only uses his spare time from schoolwork in his business.

Charlie started in his bedroom but he now has a fully equipped work room thanks to the overwhelming support that his parents have given him over time.

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