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Meet Mugwe TV’s Karambu Tausi; A perfect testimony of what it takes before fame, name & money

Karambu Tausi/Courtesy.

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Others will say Rome was not built in a day.

In this life, if challenges aren’t part of your definition, then you may not have started to live as yet. Steepy and sometimes slippery climbs are the things that strengthen you because even a well refined gold is a product of extremely high temperatures.

And the story is no different when it comes to Beth Karambu Nyaga famously known as Karambu Tausi who has gone through similar conditions to be where she is today. The Swahili will simply say “Ukiona vyaelea, jua vimeundwa” and so is Karambu Tausi.

Tausi’s journey in the media started four years ago, when she graduated with a Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication in 2015.

Less than a year later, Tausi would start her maiden media job as an information officer in the office of the then Tharaka Nithi County Deputy Governor, Dr. Eliud Mate Murithi. Her main role basically involved covering county events under the Tharaka Nithi County Governor’s Press Service in the Tharaka region and lower part of Igambang’ombe.

The job would, however, come to an end for the mother of one after the election of the current Tharaka Nithi Governor Muthomi Njuki whom as you would expect, came in with a new team including pressmen.

Speaking to MKN during an interview on Thursday, Karambu notes that the big lesson she learnt from the county press job is how to deal with online bullying.

“My job mainly involved rubbing shoulders almost on a daily basis with people both in the political class and in the grassroots. Sometimes those at the grassroots would mistake me to belong to the political class merely because I was oftenly seen with them. As such, they would attack me on social media for all manner of things that I had nothing to do with,” Tausi says.

She adds: “But as you would expect, I would fight back but the more I fought the more the attacks escalated and I would eventually lose to the social media bullies and spend the whole night weeping. But today the shock-absorbers I developed as a result, have made me impervious to such attacks.”

Tausi goes on to narrate that after the county job, she would join the hustlers’ club where she began as a volunteer marketer for Mount Kenya Royal College based in Chuka and owned by Kenya Methodist University lecturer, Prof. Ellis Mbaka.

She would do this for a year after which she joined Mwemdantu FM, a Chuka-based local radio station as a presenter. While here, Tausi hosted the ‘Thathayia Njesu’ gospel program which airs from 4am to 6am, Monday to Friday. She would at times also work as a stand-in presenter for the midmorning ‘Twaranîrîe’ (10am to 2pm) show. On weekends, she hosted a Seventh Day Adventist program from 6am-10am.

“I was also the host of a family and adult talk show that focused on relationships and which I can proudly say, I initiated. The show airs on Saturdays from 8pm to Midnight,” says Tausi who also hosted ‘Metha ya Ngai’ show, a Catholic-faith-based program that airs between 10am-2pm.

Tausi’s stay at Mwemdantu FM would, nevertheless, be short-lived because after six months she and other two presenters would resign over what she has termed as ‘salary disagreements’ with their employer.

But as fate would have it, Beth wouldn’t stay in the cold for long as after only two weeks, she would join the first ever TV station in Tharaka Nithi county, the Mugwe TV where she is currently working at the editorial department as a host of a program on that covers an allay of issues from relationships to socio-economic matters. On Weekends, she hosts morning gospel shows.

But what motivates the apparently ever ambitious Tausi? Well, she simply wraps it up by saying it is by “not giving up on my dream career”, because since childhood, being a journalist who impacts positively on people’s lives, is something she has always nurtured.


Never loose hope in LIFE. trust in your maker and you will have a testimony. It hasn’t been easy this far but I thank God.

Tausi adds: “I love what I do though my passion has always been radio because I am somehow shy to face the Camera, but I ain’t complaining! Working here is just giving me more experience and everyday, I just love everything I do.”

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