Meet the only female Radio reporter in Meru County for the last 7 years & still counting…

THE-ONLY-ONE: Mugure Riungu/Courtesy.

When she graduated from Kibirichia Girls High School close to 12 years ago, little did Catherine Mugure Riungu know that she would remain the only female reporter in Meru County for over seven years.

Riungu who was born in Egoji, Imenti South, grew up in Buuri and after graduating from Kenya Institute of Professional Studies nine years ago, she would intern at the Kenya News Agency (KNA), Chuka, where she would break her Journalistic milk-teeth.

For starters, in many KNA offices across the country, many interns who seek attachments there must be extra proactive if one ever comes out there with anything substantial.

This is because majority of the information officers in these offices are either drunk throughout the day, too jealous to help attachees under them or they are in constant competition with them over stories to be submitted to KNA Nairobi HQs.

KNA offices are also ill-equipped with the only thing that you can remotely think of ever using to file a story being a 17th century obsolete typewriter covered with dust and cobwebs. As such, for someone to defeat these kind of insurmountable challenges and secure a job immediately, you can be sure they are people of extraordinary abilities.

And this is what, in a nutshell, would fit as the best definition of Riungu, a non-political journalist with nothing else but public interest at her heart.

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