Miguna hits ‘Despot’ Uhuru below the belt for claiming he has family ties in Jamaica

Miguna Miguna/NMG

Deposed lawyer Miguna Miguna has rubbished President Uhuru Kenyatta’s claims that he has family ties in Jamaica.

The loudmouthed lawyer-turn-General of the defunct NRM, accuses Uhuru of being desperate.

“Your wife’s brother’s mother is your mother-in-law. Everyone knows that Despot Uhuru Kenyatta’s mother-in-law was German; not Jamaican. Why lie about such menial things, Mr. Despot? Why are you so desperate?” Miguna tweeted on Wednesday.

Miguna whose several attempts to return to Kenya have been thwarted by the government, has continued to harbour bitterness against the President and has made it a habit to bash on him any time an opportunity arises.

President Uhuru on Tuesday while in Kingston Jamaica had claimed that his brother’s wife’s mother is a Jamaican.

“Yes I can confirm given the fact that my wife’s brother’s mother comes from Jamaican. So and she lives in Kenya,” Uhuru was quoted as saying.

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