Miguna, Murkomen dress Makau Mutua down on Twitter

by Martin Murigi

Renowned lawyers Miguna Miguna and Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen have rebuked their ‘learned friend’ Prof Makau Mutua after he lauded the sacking of influential blogger Dennis Itumbi.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) on Wednesday terminated Itumbi’s contract as Senior Director of Digital Communications at the State House and declared his post redundant.

The vocal blogger was fired together with other four directors who all worked at the Presidential Strategic Communications Unit (PSCU).

Taking to his Twitter handle, Prof Mutua welcomed Itumbi’s fall, saying it was worth celebration by all lovers of democracy.

“I don’t ordinarily CELEBRATE the misfortunes of others. But the “beheading” today of Itumbi from the Presidential Strategic Communications Unit calls on all democracy lovers to raise a glass of champagne,” posted the US-based law scholar.

In a rejoinder, Miguna told off Mutua, who is also the chairman of Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC), and termed him as a ‘fake’ human rights activist for celebrating Itumbi’s misfortunes.

“Makau Mutua: You are a fake human rights crusader. As chair of KHRC, you should not celebrate the BEHEADING of anyone least of all by a certified despot like Uhuru Kenyatta. Oppose all violations of the Constitution and basic human rights no matter who the victims are,” Miguna tweeted on Thursday.

On his part, Murkomen castigated Mutua saying it was wrong for him support ‘violation’ of Itumbi’s rights due to the fact they disagree on various issues.

“Prof, the fact that he disagrees with you doesn’t legitimize violation of his rights. As a professed human rights lawyer, if you sympathize only with the rights of those who agree with you what credit is that to you? Even dictators sympathize with only those who love them,” said the Elgeyo-Marakwet Senator.

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