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Milele FM presenter Doreen Nassi fights Kaka Zema over change of shows.

By Kazikwisha.

There was a drama at Milele FM studios when Doreen Nassi (Dee) physically fought colleague Kaka Zema who will take over her show from Monday 14th/02/2019.The two have had a bad blood blood since Zema was poached from Citizen radio .They have been hosting DeenaZemaDrive show from 4pm-8pm together.The management downplayed the incident which had already leaked to social media and ordered the clip to be posted in their website so as to lie to unsuspecting listeners that it was a prank.According to our reliable sources Dee has been so adamant about leaving her show which she believes that its through her effort that the show managed to be where it is today.

Alex Mwakideu made the changes aimed at revamping Milele FM but the junior staffs feel disfranchised. Here is how the the head of Radio is  planning to change the line up.

Asubuhi Alex na Jalas

Mid morning Luchivia na Chozi

Mchana Alibaba na Teargas

Jioni Kaka Zema na Wilbroda

Usiku Rhumba na Dee

Patrol Mbone na Voke

Under the new line up announced bt Mwakideu,Titi Nagwalla,Paulo Muchesi and Jerry Obege are left with no shows.This means that their future in the company is unpredictable.Titi was the head of all MediaMax Radios before Joyce wa Gituro was brought in from Citizen radio.She has gone ahead to bring on board many Citizen radio reporters and this made those who have been in the station for long feel not appreciated.Jerry Obege was the head of Milele now replaced by Mwakideu. Paulo Muchesi was the Editor sports and one of Sunday Gospel show presenter.

Rumour has it that Titi might be heading to Kwetu radio where he will be bossed by his former junior employee Marwa who is now the head of Kwetu Radio.


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