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MILLIE ODHIAMBO to SONKO: I love sex! Why should it be your headache who I have it with, how I have it or how often I have it?

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko/Facebook.

After Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Sunday savagely stripped naked Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo following her criticism of him over the Ann Thumbi remarks that he made during the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth’s memorial at Moi Girls, the fiery MP has replied.

And not just replying. Odhiambo has also sought to give the ‘populist’ governor some lessons on matters of law which she has advised him to look for a lawyer in order to understand.

“My good friend and young brother Sonko, let me tell you something, I am a lawyer- an intellectual if you may, who is also happily a pig while in politics. I am NEVER intimidated by bullies like you who thrive on populism devoid of intellect that often slut-shames women,” Millie Odhiambo writes in parts on her Facebook wall.

She adds: “My response to you will be both intellectual and pigerly. You can hire a lawyer to translate for you the intellectual bit. The pigerly bit of course needs no translation coz it’s your expertise.”

Millie then goes ahead to instill ‘intellect’ in Sonko’s ‘thick’ head via seven strongly-worded points that exhibits the lawyer in Millie Odhiambo.

It is towards the end of the lengthy post that the MP turns to ‘pigerly’ which she says the governor thrives in.

“You said history never forgets so let me remind you that I have said before publicly that I love sex and I have sex. Why should it be your headache who I have it with, how I have it or how often I have it. Such a knowledge my brother, can not help us deal with the cancer menace or joblessness in Kenya.”

“What I also know, men who are overly obsessed with demeaning women sexually, have either a coma or a fullstop where it matters. Real men have BOLDED EXCLAMATION MARKS in support of women. Send your senji type bloggers I deal with one by one. I am a one woman army,” Odhiambo concludes curtly.

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