Moi University students in ‘total darkness’ as VC Isaac Kosgei withholds graduation list, non-payment of lecturers & withheld marks continue to bite harder

A past graduation at Moi University/Standard.

The issue of non-payment of part-time lecturers at Moi University which has led them into withholding students marks continues to bite even as this month’s graduation gets around the corner.

Students who have spoken to MKN on a condition of anonymity, tell us that non-payment of lecturers which has occasioned all these problems is not only unique to the university’s Nairobi Campus.

“Hello, I recently saw the article you wrote on the Moi University Nairobi students and I figured I should also reach out. I am a BBIT student in Moi University the main business school was moved to West Campus. So we were supposed to graduate with this lot but the school failed to pay one of our lecturers who has now withheld our results and has refused to release them till she gets payment,” a student at the West Campus Whatsapped MKN on Monday.

He adds: “The school ghosted us for weeks only to come and tell us their is nothing more they can do for us which begs the question if they can’t do anything more, what are we supposed to do? So I’m hoping if our story also goes out there, we might get a chance to be heard because after the Nairobi Campus story, the school had a special sitting to solve this case. So it will also help us a great deal.”

But this rot, as yet another student has revealed to us, is also being witnessed at the main campus in Eldoret and apparently being compounded by VC Isaac Kosgey whom we are told has withheld the graduation list leaving students in the darkness as to whom is graduating this August and who is not.

As such, family and relatives planning to attend the graduation ceremony on 22nd are on these students’ necks to clear the air as to whether they’re graduating or not. But how can they clear the air when they have also been kept in total darkness by the university?

“We here at main campus are suffering the same fate as those in Nairobi campus. We are in the darkest zone. Following the intentional admission to wrong courses, we were forced to change them while in third year. We were to graduate on December last year but due to these problem, we were forced to wait until this August,” a student at the main campus wrote to MKN on Monday.

The seemingly distraught student adds: “We are hearing that the deans are saying that the VC has said that only those who had fully settled their marks issues by 18th July, 2019 will graduate and the rest will have to wait until December. The deans are saying the VC declined addition of more students on the second University Senate meeting which took place on 24th July.”

The students have further told us that majority of them had managed to clear the issues with marks and fee arrears by then (24, July) and the deans had seen it ‘worthy’ being included in the list.

The VC is also said to be complaining that there are no enough gowns and students who had even cleared all their arrears by April are among those who will be locked out. What a mess!!!

MKN hopes that the university can clear this balderdash immediately and furnish all legible graduands with ample information that will enable them to plan for the big day ahead.

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