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MP Tongoyo Mocks Raila’s Hold In Narok ‘Do not sell us fear, we will not vote for Raila’

Narok West Member of Parliament Hon. Gabriel Tongoyo has dismissed Raila’s claim for Narok county loyalty, saying his hold is based on history.

All these years, tumepatiwa story, which is neither here nor there. Ati kwa nini, Raila anapata kura Narok, and not the others.

The vocal administrator went to say Raila had helped the Maasai community in the Mau forest wrangles years ago, and that should bot be a determining factor for 2022.

Tumeuziwa uoga, Mau! Mau! Mau! …The story of Mau had been solved and behind us for the last two-three years ago. It should never be a story, an issue, ambayo tunakubali kuuziwa.

He argued that were the issue of who helped on land matters important, then it should be Kedong they should be talking about, and not Mau.

In Kedong land, Tongoyo said the Maasai people were being harassed and kicked out in the light of day, yet it is their rightful land, and the so called powerful leaders were not talking about it.

We are being taken as fools. We will no longer, at any given time, buy his lies and fear. I am saying this because tunapoenda tunaambiwa, ati tumeambia William Ruto sijui nini, mambo ya Mau. We are not buying it anytime soon, any more.

He concluded saying it is only the youth that can come in and bring the necessary change.


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