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MPs demand to Ruto over the assassination allegations

Mps during a parliament proceeding. [Source/www.britsinkenya.com]
Twenty Members of Parliament have signed a statement demanding Deputy President William Ruto full responsibility for the recent assassination plot.

On Thursday, Nyeri Town Mp Ngunjiri Wambugu shared a statement on his official Facebook page alleged from a group of MPs they are interested in a peaceful country.

According to the statement, the lawmakers want Dp Ruto to be a probe so as he can explain his side on the assassination reports. They questioned why Dp Ruto didn’t record a statement with the Director of Criminal Investigations.

“That the Deputy President be probed to ascertain what he knew about this fake assassination plot. This is because he is the one who introduced the idea that there was a plot by cabinet ministers assassinate to him. However, he then refused to make a formal statement with DCI on these allegations. Kenyans need to know whether his refusal to write that statement was because he knew that the letter on which these allegations were was based, was fake.” Lawmakers demanded through a statement

Furthermore, the legislators asked Dp Ruto to personally take the sole role for what they term as fear and concern that assassination claims caused on Kenyans.

They also pointed out on the mistrust and ethnic division the allegation resulted in.

Among the legislators who signed is Moiben Mp Silas Tiren from Dp Ruto’s backyard

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