Mt Kenya TV Employees on strike!

Once again we expose the lot at Mt Kenya TV.The station that had pomp and colour  during the launch is now at its death bed.Some of the brave employees are on strike others on go slow even as some cowards deny that there is a big trouble blowing at the station.For the last two months, the MTKenya employees have not received their salaries.How these people survive beats us at MKN.The Mole who broke the story to us whom we won’t reveal the name for fear of being reprimanded says the go slow started Yesterday at 4pm show.

Today they repeated stories of correspondents some done on Sunday .The station is now working with interns as reporters didn’t report to work.

The station is owned by the Kirinyaga woman rep family the Ngirichi’s .It must be noted that some months before the launch the proprietors used to brag how they have so much money than the SK Macharia owned stations.To make their threats good, they went to an extent of poaching spree on Inooro TV giving people as much as ten times their salaries but the much hyped station is yet to break even.Media Mogul SK Macharia knows this business too well that he didn’t seem bothered by the mass resignation and instead went to employ fresh talents to fill in the vacant spaces.As we write this Inooro TV is the second most viewed station coming behind Citizen TV both owned my Royal Media services.Has the Ngirichi’s become broke or its their way of treating their employees?This is a question that our reporter is asking.How can You compete with a fully owned media house that pays its employees every month and early enough while us your employees Arte going for months without salary?Some of those who have spoken to us have expressed their fears of house rents, fare, food etc.How can your employees perform when they come at work with an empty stomach and all they worry about is their welfare which is never coming?How can they compete with other companies where their employees are only worried of competition and are planning day in day out how to be the best?Our conclusion is simple.Either pay the employees the services they offer in time and have them strategies how to compete or the station will remain the last with its employees main fear being the delayed salaries.I mean this doesn’t require a rocket science for any manager.


When Mt Kenya TV was launched 25 days ago. [CREDIT/Wambui Murimi]

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