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Muranga :”We Need No Visitors”

In summary , Mwangi Wa Iria banned inter-county travel and if the situation gets worse ,the ban will be extended to the sub-county and then to the wards and the villages.He also asked the National Government to consider banning travels between counties.

Murang’a County governor , Mwangi Wa Iria , asked the residents to limit travel between counties to avert spreading of the pandemic virus ,Covid -19. He also banned travels from other counties to Murang’a since the visits are putting the county on the risk of the pandemic.
He also added that they have noticed mass exodus of the county citizens  for drinking sprees in other counties where the bar are still operational.

“I know we have banned partying here, i know some  people are moving to other counties to drink and then come back and we will not allow that , this coronavirus is not a joke ,” He said.
As a response to this issue, the National Government should ask travellers from Murang’a where they are travelling to and for what purpose.

He further said they do not want visitors to their county from other counties and still the Murang’a people will remain static in their homes since the virus is spread when people move from one place to another.People should adhere with the fact of quarantine.

coronavirus-self-quarantine image courtesy stlawyers.ca
coronavirus-self-quarantine image courtesy stlawyers.ca

His message was seconded by the Murang’a County Commissioner , Mohammed Mbale who  insisted we should copy other countries who have fought this virus in the extent of remaining locked down.

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