Mutahi Ngunyi Exposed, Evidence Provided on Who he Works for

A photo and a tweet is what renowned blogger Dennis Itumbi has provided as proof that vocal political scientist Mutahi Ngunyi works for President Uhuru Kenyatta and the dynasties.

Itumbi, who was recently fired from the State House, has repeatedly claimed Ngunyi works for powerful individuals out to sabotage Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid.

On Tuesday, the political scientist known for his perfect prediction that Uhuru and Ruto would win the 2013 presidential election through ‘tyranny of numbers’, challenged Itumbi to provide evidence for his allegations.

“My FREN Itumbi you keep insisting that I work at State House. If I WORKED there, I would have seen MYSELF. How come I have NOT Seen myself there? eh?” he posed.

In a quick rejoinder, the blogger alleged Ngunyi was recently allocated a top office at the State House, and posted an undated photo in which the political analyst was captured in an event attended by Uhuru, his wife First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, and Ruto among other dignitaries.

Mutahi Ngunyi (in white shirt). [Source/Dennis Itumbi]

First, Mutahi Ngunyi using your own HIGH IQ, this is NOW Certified as TRUE! SECONDLY, the office that has been refurbished for YOU, was previously occupied by the State House Administrative Secretary. Good space. Finally, a PHOTO speaks & Tweets better. Congratulations!” he posted.

He further provided a tweet in which Ngunyi said the simplest test to know a rumour is true, is if it is denied by the concerned party.

Ngunyi has of late been tweeting about Ruto or mocking his allies, but what has got the attention of many of his followers is persistent warning that Mt Kenya residents should not dare vote from for the DP.

“My appeal to the GEMA nation is simple: you must hang together or you will hang separately. Remember this: “…Mother Nature is a BITCH. She is NOT Kind to stupidity. Nature does not abhor evil, it embraces Evil..” (Howard Bloom). Kikuyus are BEING STUPID on Ruto,” he tweeted on Monday night.

“On Kikuyu stupidity, I rest my case. Let us wait for 2024 when RUTO will FIX them if they VOTE for HIM in 2022. end of discussion” he added in posts which he later deleted.

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