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Mwendantu Radio Loses Presenters!Poor remuneration, poor management and overworking

Mwendantu Radio risks closure after massive resignation of staff thanks to poor remuneration, poor management, understaffing and overworking its staff members.

The Chuka based station rumoured to be owned by Chuka University vice Chancellor Erastus Njoka was launched six months ago commanding a large listenership from Chuka/Igambang’ombe region.

There has been a mass resignation of its presenters due to what they term as overworking and underpayment, Each and every presenters is said to have received their June payment with a decrement of in between 5-10k each without any clear explanation over the same.How can staff members be reduced their salaries at this age and era?The members who have been getting as little as 10 thousand, are left wondering what to do with the reduced salaries of now 5k, with bills to pay and hard work to do.Its believed that Prof Njoka made it clear that the employees should have a starting salary of 30,000 Ksh but it never happened.Now comes the reduction of the salaries, its laughable that the station heads Daniel Gitonga and Mercy Kendi Njeru live large at the expense of these junior workers who earn peanuts.Some of the employees who spoke with us told us Kendi buys them foodstuffs but their meagre salaries is always late.Latest to resign include Hassan Muthuuri,Kawira wa Njagi and Karambu Tausi whose salaries were reduced by 5k to 10k.

The station under the management of former Kbc reporter Daniel Gitonga and Former Muuga Fm reporter Mercy Kendi Njeru is suffering a dictatorship leadership whereby the presenters who are only five, are forced to source for stories, edit, read them and do shows.The employees also blame the management who haven’t bought a staff car to pick them up in the morning and evening given that the station is far, they are instead forced to hire motorbikes to and fro work with their same little pay.A bodaboda guy who we talked to said he is owed so much by the employees who then blame it on their delayed salaries.

The station which covers Meru, Tharaka Nithi, Embu and Kitui has so far used and dumped several workers including, Martin Mugambi Former Meru Tv reporter who later secured a job at Destiny Tv, Sheila Mbae who hosted the mid-morning show ¬†and who worked for two weeks only, Monica Nyaga who worked as a reporter for Chuka Igambang’ombe and Nancy a former presenter of the renown Metro Fm who lost her job before reporting time after she requested for some time off duty to attend to her family.

It was believed that the station would be the best in Meru region, given the fact that it was being headed by experienced journalists, but going with what has happened for the short period that it has been on Air, we can confidently say it won’t make any difference.We at MKN we urge the affected parties to move with speed and try to secure some other jobs elsewhere and also if possible, they can start online media as this is where the money is nowadays.

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