MY STORY: Why enlisting as OKash Mashinani Agent is the best & surest bet I made in 2020

I first came to learn about OKash Mashinani Agents programme through a story I read online that detailed on how to join the programme, requirements and the benefits one stands to gain as an agent.

Being a businessman who has been around for over 8 years selling animal feeds, I was always eager to diversify my business enterprise by incorporating new innovative ideas that would help expand my profit margin.

Therefore, when I learnt about OKash Mashinani agent’s benefits and the easy enrolment process, a month ago, I decided that I was going to take the risk because the deal was just irresistible to me to an extent I felt doubtful about it.

As we talk now, I have zero regrets in the decision I made that particular day because it has more than paid off. I have had an endless stream of OKash Mashinani clients to an extent I had to employ a lady assistant last week to take care of what I now call ‘the OKash Mashinani Department’ of my business.

If you are an ambitious businessperson like me, this is an opportunity I won’t hesitate to advise you to consider very seriously.

As OKash Mashinani Agent, you stand to earn a comission Sh4 on registration and Sh200 upon successful application.

Another benefit you are sure to get in the same capacity as OKash Mashinani agent, is that when you get commission, you can be able to check your balance or withdraw the same manually, through Okash Agent application on your M-Pesa. The minimum withdrawal limit is Sh1,000 and the highest withdrawal limit is Sh10,000 per time.

You might not believe it, but I am fully convinced that this is the best bet I made this year – Robert Manyara, OKash Mashinani Agent, Kimbo, Ruiru.


OKash Mashinani is an agency lending method developed by OKash and is designed to reach out to Kenyans at their convenient places including people without smart phones and knowledge on how to use the OKash App.

OKash Mashinani Support Team

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