Mysterious death of Timothy Mwirigi a student at Technical University of Mombasa!

The death of Timothy Mwirigi, until his death a student at the Technical University of Mombasa has sparked controversy.  The body of the first year student, who was a diploma student in civil engineering, was found afloat the Indian Ocean, near Tamarind Hotel in Mombasa.

Mwirigi disappeared in mysterious conditions, and his whole death is such a puzzle that his father has directed his death son’s friends not to divulge information to the media, until told otherwise. However, Dennis Okang’a, the leader of students at the university spoke to this writer about Mwirigi’s death.

According to Okang’a, Mwirigi was last seen on last Saturday evening at around 8pm. Then, he was in the company of his friends. Together, they were in a female friend’s hostel room.  At around 8pm, he excused himself and got out, never to return again. After a long wait, his friends thought that he had gone to his place of residence at Kaa Chonjo, in Tudor. The night passed by without his whereabouts unknown.

The following day, his friends tried looking for him, and after they failed in finding him, they made a report at the university’s security office. On the very day, Vyonna Nyakio, one of the late’s friends called the Okang’a, the students’ leader, and also, Dr. Joel Owino, the Students’ Dean, and informed them of the disappearance of Mwirigi. Meanwhile, the security team, upon getting the information, they passed the information to the university’s vice chancellor, Prof. Lailah Abubakar.

Wheels started rolling fast, and the Dean and the students’ leader went to report the case on Monday, at Makupa Police Station. At the same time, Dr Owino called Mwirigi’s parents and informed them. His father decided to travel to the institution to come and aid in looking for his son.

Tuesday passed without Mwirigi being traced. On Wednesday the late Mwirigi’s body was then found floating on the sea and taken to the Coast General Hospital. It happened that one of the first people to see the body when it was taken to the hospital was a doctor at the hospital, who also lectures at TUM. Having had wind of the developments at the university, he called the dean to go and see if it was the body being searched for. Dr Owino and Mr Okang’a went and confirmed that indeed it was the body of the student that was being looked for. According to Okang’a, the body looked normal, without any unique injuries or marks. However, he says, it had a mark of a sharp object in one of his legs’ behind. The dean called Mwirigi’s father to update him.

The deceased’s close friends at the university are careful not to give any information, especially to the media, concerning the death and the events leading to that. The directive to remain mum came from his father, and it has been augmented by the dean of students. Even as the puzzle remains unsolved, the family and even the students are waiting for post-mortem results to establish the cause of the freshman’s death.      

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