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Nakuru: Robbers Hold Family Hostage Overnight, Injure Father, Steal Over Ksh 1 million Property.

Investigative officers in Nakuru are on the hunt for a six member gang that held one family hostage overnight, before robbing them of property whose value is yet to be established.

The gang, armed with machetes, invaded the homestead on the night of Tuesday, October, 5 at around 2100 hours, having them under their thumb until the following morning.

The incident occured while the family was watching an evening TV show program on one of the four TV sets mounted on the walls.

The robbers tied the family up, who were father, mother, daughter and three grandchildren, between the ages of ten and three. They injured the man of the house in the process.

Bahati Police Station, Nakuru

The robbers, in a period of about nine hours, gathered what they found valuable, including four TV sets, three gas tanks, an Hp laptop, a refrigerator, bicycle, clothing and other valuables.

In addition to the materials, the six were able to have the family wire to their accounts Ksh 80,000 from Mpesa, and Ksh 61,800  from the daughter’s bank account.

On their way out, the thieves mounted the stolen items onto the family’s vehicle, model Nissan NV200, and left at dawn, just before sunrise.

The family immediately reported the incident at Bahati police station, and the officers began their investigation there and then.

After hours of investigation, the officers were lucky to find the stolen getaway vehicle parked by the road in Tuinuane area, in Nakuru town.

The man of the house who was injured, is receiving treatment, even as the police continue combing for the culprits and the stolen items.


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