New trick Kenyan women are using to have kids outside their marriages

Kenyan women will never cease to amaze, they have now discovered how to cheat on their men and have children by other men who will not inherit their real father’s look.

Yeah, you read right… thought that men’s conference would outsmart these daughters of eve?  think again… who run the world…..girls!

A WhatsApp conversation between a man and a woman who was about to cheat on her husband reveals that there is a way believed to ensure the child comes out looking like the mother and not the father therefore the husband will not suspect the child is not his.

The trick is in using “Kiberiti “ a match stick where the lady was confident  would work and the other man should not be afraid as her husband who is a teacher was going for exam marking and would be away.

The lady is excited to have the other man’s baby, saying she was in her fertile days and when asked what would happen if the husband found out, she assures her mpango wa kando she would use “kiberiti” to ensure the child came out looking like her.

To the shock of Kenyan men, some women in social media agreed with the sentiments and even went ahead to discuss the different types of “viberiti” that had better results.

Yes….pick up your jaw from the floor and lets learn together..

Apparently there are two explanations, one sounds like witchcraft while the other sounds like science ., make your choice!

here we go..



The “scientists” said…


According to Department of Chemistry, University of Washington, the head of the matchstick contains an oxidizing agent such as potassium chlorate together with tetraphosphorus trisulfide, P₄S₃, glass and binder. The phosphorus sulfide is easily ignited, the potassium chlorate decomposes to give oxygen, which in turn causes the phosphorus sulfide to burn more vigorously.

Well…. enough said.




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