News Anchor Ben Kitili welcomes 37th birthday in style

Popular Journalist Ben Kitili welcomed his 37th birthday in style at home with his wife treating Kenyans on Instagram to a video of the two of them dancing to Kamba tunes .

In what seems to be a cozy evening indoors in the company of another person who is taking the video, his wife  Amina Mude  is shaking what her mama gave to her dancing simultaneously to the kamba tunes.

Kitilii also has a word of advice for people who get invited for drinks but take advantage to drink what they cannot afford just because its not them buying.

“Ukiitishiwa chupa stick to your brand, don’t ask for Amarula while wewe unakunyuanga balozi na hauna kitu kwa mfuko, ” says the jolly media personality with his hands all over his dancing wife.

Netizens on instagram cheered the couple on saying it was cute to see him act normal away from the screen’s serious face he puts.



Kitili responded to the comments by saying you work hard and play hard.

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