Audio: Nominated Nyandarua MCA caught blackmailing county minister for ICT in leaked phone conversation

Mbataru Kariuki/

A phone conversation between Nyandarua County CEC in charge of ICT Mbataru Kariuki and Nominated MCA Geoffrey Ngaruiya has leaked.

The 10 minutes Kikuyu conversation begins when the CeC calls the MCA to enquire about an impeachment motion being prepared against him on undisclosed charges.

Ngaruiya who is hesitant to speak at first and sounds lukewarm, does not agree to tell Kariuki why he is being impeached but maintains that once the motion is tabled in the county assembly, he will support it.

“I and those who have been supporting this government cannot continue on that trajectory because we are not benefiting from it at all. You only look for us when things have gone wrong. The other times I hear you call us tu-MCAs. Not any more. I am waiting for that motion to prove to that government of yours that I also have a vote,” Kariuki says.

He adds that the administration of former Governor Waithaka Mwangi was more beneficial to him than the current one of Governor Francis Kimemia whom he says he has been fighting for by tooth and nail.

The MCA who is the owner of Aberdare Resort, goes on to add that his hotel no longer get county bookings and when it does he is never paid whereas the former administration was timely in payments.

His sons, the MCA says, are accused by Kimemia’s government of substandard and delayed completion of projects which has made him vow that none of his sons will ever apply for Nyandarua County Government tender.

“I cannot be the one using my resources to defend this government and I am not getting anything on return. Those who do not even support this government are benefitting more than myself. You are taking all hotel bookings for county functions to Royal Hotel because mine has no class. But when I was supporting your boss to get elected, my money was classless. Now I have decided it is scratch my back, I scratch yours,” he adds.

The conversation ends with the CeC who sounds cornered promising the MCA that he will look for time to have a meeting with him to iron things out as not everything can be discussed on phone.

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