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ODM MP Blames Ruto for Increased KPLC Power, ‘William Must Close His Plants!’

United Democratic Alliance(UDA) head, William Ruto is under attack, with fingers pointing at him, as the main cause KPLC costs have increased.

This country is going through a difficult process, because electricity cost is up. And I am telling William Ruto, the cost is up because you have a plant in Eldoret.

The Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) affiliated MP publicly accused Ruto of selling power to the Kenya Power and Lighting Company, an act that was raising electricity in Kenya, affecting many netizens.

For the electricity of the Republic of Kenya to go down, William Samoei Ruto must close his plants.

He said the country is at this point, generating 2000 megawatts, with the evening consumption when most people are at home, being 1,787 megawatts.

Even if we are talking about non-renewable energy, we have already 2,300 megawatts. William, close you plants, the country will have a cheaper electricity.

The legislator, furious, said if the DP was to lead this country, then he must demonstrate, in all his actions, that he was capable of forming an all-inclusive government, adding that by all inclusive, he meant having in consideration all the 42 tribes of this nation.

I know, Kenya is going through a difficult process. Because of what? The omission at commissions, that were done in the first term, when Ruto and Uhuru took over.

Accusing both Ruto and Uhuru for the tribalistic tendencies of the government, he cited Raila as dependable and one with a unifying intention for the county.

And Ruto cannot be telling Kenya, that the problem is with Uhuru. Raila was not in cabinet. Raila has never been in government, the people ruling the republic of Kenya, are two people; Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, and William Samoei Ruto. And for him, to be talking about Raila sponsored by the state, is to tell us that all Kenyans are stupid, and don’t know what is happening in the country.

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