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Pandora Papers: Alfred Mutua Questions ICIJ, ‘Is Uhuru guilty by Association?’

The Pandora Papers expose by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism(ICIJ) has had many talking worldwide, and the tension is building up each day in Kenya, with the Head of State being one of the names on the list of leaders with offshore accounts, ‘client 13173.’

Machakos Governor, Dr Alfred Mutua has spoken to the matter, questioning the ICIJ over what he calls guilt of association, in Kenyatta’s case.

It is interesting that we trouble the Kenyatta’s family. I am yet to see a link between….Kenyatta’s family is not ruling this country, this country is being ruled by Uhuru Kenyatta…and I don’t know, maybe I missed it, but, I don’t not see a direct link where Uhuru Kenyatta has bank accounts, these are family bank accounts.

He argued  that there’s a big difference between the two scenarios, none weighing into the other.

Does he have personal accounts, I would like to know. If Uhuru Kenyatta is operating a personal bank account that is opened during his tenure, and that he has not reported to the EACC and others as per to the act of Parliament, then he’s contravening the constitution. However, if those bank accounts are owned by his family, are you guilty by association because your family owns bank accounts?

Mutua said that the names on the accounts were his mothers, and others, adding that they maybe put Uhuru on as the beneficiary, but that did not mean that he personally was maintaining a personal account.

He asked Kenyans to have it mind that it was critical to know who was ruling the country,  whether it was Uhuru Kenyatta or his family, saying he was only being fair in so saying.

The other thing, he said, was in relation to Bonnie Khalwale’s question, of where the president sourced his funds, and the family funds, saying he would also be interested in finding out.

But if the Kenyatta family has been around for a long time, you can…and regardless of what they call their money, they don’t look stupid. They look very smart…they know how to invest and reinvest, their money, and they have industries that have grown their wealth and others.

The legislator said that even if the Kenyatta’s had money from their investments and own hard work, if the money was out there, beyond the borders did not mean it was stolen or acquired illegally, adding it was a very important thing to have in mind.

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