Popular political activist tells off Ruto over Mt Kenya 2022 support after charged political rally in Kirinyaga

ODM leader Raila Odinga and DP William Ruto at a past event/Twitter.

Popular political activist Zack Kinuthia has once again sought to remind DP President William Ruto to forget the Mt Kenya vote even after 15 MPs drawn from the region met on Sunday to denounce Raila Odinga and the BBI initiative that he leads jointly with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

This is how the blogger summed it up all on his Facebook wall.

The berserk TangaTanga team today in Kirinyaga was overly heated up. You might think it is the last Sunday before General election is conducted on the following Tuesday. Poor naive souls.

Naivasha MP, I forget her name, should be aware that Rift Valley did not do any work for the Central people as she insinuate. They had no choice, they will have no choice.

But in the event they may have a choice, I want to tell the old lady, that the person she is fuming breath for, is a certified violent and warlike man after the blood of his nemesis and critics.

In the event Agìkùyù people living in Rift Valley will vote for his ‘nyiganet’ in 2022,and perhaps they should, Agìkùyù people will still be targeted and profiled by his army if he loses, sorry, not IF , but WHEN he loses.

Central people like Zack Kìnùthia. Will not vote to please his kinsmen in Nakuru, Uasin Gishu or any Rift Valley County where they live.

Zack and his kinsmen, will not be coerced by bloodthirsty power seekers to make a vote for anyone. Whether they be Mountain, Lake, Valley or Plain person seeking power. Never. And Never.

So, that lady misleading Naivasha people should eat handouts from his friend without puking on us.
Those who think that riding on a tiger will save them from being it’s food, are daydreaming.
If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and cockles like a duck. It is a duck. And it has always been a duck. It was a duck in 2002. It was a duck in 2007. In 2013,the duck covered by her wings, the claws. In 2017,the claws were full of blood after eating all the liver.
It is a duck.
Ducks are not Doves!

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