Pray at home God is in all places – Museveni

by Mwaura Felix


Neighboring Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has urged Ugandans to avoid congregations mostly places of worship as the world puts all measures to subdue the corona virus epidemic. Speaking during the presidential address on covid19, Museveni stated that the best way to avert the spread is to avoid contact.

“The prayers will continue but in homes, God is in all places. Yes, we have been praying together and it has its advantages, but we cannot insist on it in the face of danger. Religious leaders can use radio stations and TVs to continue preaching”, said the president.

He added those Ugandans coming back from abroad will not be stopped but they will be placed under quarantine at their own cost. Foreigners going out cannot be stopped from doing so either provided they are not coming back within 32 days.

“On Transport, do not travel unless it is necessary (if you are using public transport), additionally, the companies that operate these means should be given SOPs to follow. The public transport can continue with precautions until we record a case”, added Museveni.

All schools will remain closed starting Friday at midday although the closure is only temporary and will take one month. “We should do this to deny coronavirus, Uganda style weddings that bring together a pentagon of groups. This multidirectional source of attendants can be a source of great danger.  The weddings of this type should be postponed for 32 days”, he directed.

Uganda has not reported any positive case so far. Kenya has already taken similar precautions.

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