President Uhuru’s upside down Benz car plate not a mistake

by Bahati Josephat

On Sunday evening the president drove to his office at Harambee House with his Mercedes Benz car number plate upside down.

The president was there to address the country on the Corona Virus pandemic that had hit the country with Kenya recording two more cases.
Apart from the president’s car having it’s number plate upside down, the car was missing the presidential standard, Kenyan flag and didn’t have the Aide- de- Camp (ADC)
Experts speaking to Magical Kenya News have urgued that the president’s handlers did it intentionally and it was not a mistake. It is a sign that the president is addressing the nation and the message is bearing is not very good.
It is also a standard procedure when the president’s vehicle is not bearing a national flag to ease his movement in the traffic.
In Europe only a few prominent people are allowed to drive their vehicles with their plates upside down to show their uniqueness.

This incident left lots of netizens wondering whether the president was confused. He was not really confused, now you know why, don’t you?

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