Radio presenter Alex Mwakideu says he loves his wife but does not trust her

Milele FM breakfast show host Alex Mwakideu has confessed that he does not trust his wife.

Mwakideu who was speaking to Dr King’ori on the Wicked Edition show said he only trusted his late mum.

The father of three said that although he loves his wife, she is yet to make it to his loyalty list.

“My wife is not on the list of people that I trust. She is also not in the loyalty list. I do not trust people. The only person I trusted was my mum,” opened up Mwakideu.
Alex Mwakideu said he loves his wife but does not trust her. Photo: Alex Mwakideu.

Mwakideu said although the basis of love is trust, he always has had a hard time trusting people.

The Swahili presenter revealed that in his loyalty there is only of his closest friend in high school who was expelled after he was caught with stolen books.

“I love my wife so much but.  Do you know you can trust someone but you are not loyal to them?” added the Swahili presenter.
Mwakideu is arguably the best male Swahili presenter in Kenya. Photo: Alex Mwakideu.

According to Mwakideu, he was an accomplice to the guy and when fate befell him, he refused to mention the presenter’s name.

Mwakideu also revealed that he would take a bullet for his kids but would think about it when it came to his wife.

“I think I would. For my babies, there is no need to even think. I would take the bullet,” said the father of three.

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