Rastafarian students to be allowed to keep rastas, court rules

Rastafarians who had appeared to court to support the high school student/Robert Alai.

High court Judge, Chacha Mwita has come to the rescue of a female student who was early this year expelled from Olympic High School in Nairobi.

Chacha used article 30 (1) which states that every person has the right to freedom of conscience, religion,thoughts, belief and opinion to strike the ruling.

“A child has a constitutional right to basic education keeping rastas is her way of professing her faith and it’s wrong to compel her to shave which is against her religion,” said Chacha as quoted by Nairobi News.

The student’s parent, Julius Wambua had sued the school, Ministry of Education and Attorney General for allegedly discriminating the Rastafarian faith.

Wambua also revealed that her daughter’s admission documents stated that she was of Rastafarian Society of Kenya (RSK)

The school however argued that the parent signed to accept the various school laws, which stipulated the required dress code.

It is alleged that the student was told by the school that only Muslim students were allowed to have headscarfs.

“I was called by the deputy principal over lunch hour where she ordered me to remove my headscarf stating that only Muslims are allowed to cover their hair,” said the student.

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