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Renowned bloggers disagrees with Brenda’s recovery story

The government announced the fully recovery of the 1st and 3rd Covid-19 patients in Kenya Brenda and Brian adding up to 3 recoveries. The news that was meant to bring hope to Kenyans was however not received well some claiming it as a PR project by the government.
“The recovery of Cherono and Brian should be a testimony that Kenyans must now understand that contracting the disease is not a license to death,” Health CS Mutahi Kagwe stated on Wednesday. Netizen took it to the social media expressing their views on the issue.
Among them include two controversial bloggers Robert Alai and Cyprian Nyakundi. According to Nyakundi, Brendah Said on NTV that Brian was her boyfriend who came to pick her from the airport but latter changed the story on Citizen TV saying that she came to know Brian in the Isolation ward.
Brendah said that she had been in Isolation at Mbagathi for 23 days although its 19 days since the first case was reported on 12th March 2020. Nyakundi also highlighted the story that Brendah said she used several trains in London while us she was in London for less than an hour.
Brenda said Brian was his Boyfriend but later refuted claiming she only saw him enter his house and go out. The two got sick at different times, went to hospital at different times but since they are lovers, got healed and released at the same time.
Blogger Robert Alai on his part raised suspicions stating it was stage managed in order to mask the 22 confirmed positive patients moments after. ”The imposed Brenda was meant to mask the scary jump by 22 patients. Fake!!” Alai’ wrote on his official Twitter account.
“If you didn’t tell us who Patient X was when he/she was isolated or under treatment, stop claiming to tell us when he/she has healed. The story doesn’t add up,” He added.
Both bloggers have been charged with publishing false information on COVID-19 pandemic.
Nyakundi, who was arraigned at Kibera Law Courts in Nairobi on Wednesday, is accused of contravening the Computer Misuse and Cyber Crimes Act 2018, which prohibits the publication of unverified information.
The police argued that Nyakundi, through a tweet, falsely claimed that the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Commissioner General James Mburu, had defied the government’s self-quarantine directive after flying in from the United States of America (USA). Nyakundi was freed on Ksh150,000 cash bail after pleading not guilty.
Alai was charged on March 23, with publishing false information on coronavirus deaths. He denied the charges and was freed on bail
Confirmed positive cases in Kenya are now at 81.

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