Revealed:This is how William Ruto can help the government in war against Covid-19

As Kenyan government continue working tirelessly to suppress the Covid-19 pandemic.Adherence to laid rules, cooperation and self responsibility will make this war against Covid-19 achievable.

William Ruto stands on a better ground in helping the country in this battle.Staking on his vast popularity, influence and deep pockets he will verily help the country achieve quantum leaps in this fight against Covid-19.This is what Ruto can contribute in this pandemic.

Conducting public awareness

Public awareness will play a key role in combating the spread of this virus.The government has however banned public rallies,Ruto has massive following on his official social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) using these platforms to sensitize the public how the disease is spread,signs and symptoms and prevention.Perhaps Kenyans will adhere and take caution.Equally, ‘my friend’ can urge his lieutenants to use their social media platforms as well to propagate a message of caution to Kenyans.


Nairobi,Mombasa,Kwale and Kilifi counties have been watermarked as susceptible areas.Ruto has established himself as unmatched philanthropist who has dished out millions of shillings in fundraisers since his ascension to second in command post.

Growing in a Christian background,Ruto who practically subscribes to Acts 32-35 dictations has often bashed his opponents for criticizing his generosity to the church and the needy.

Ruto can dig into his pockets and help the afflicted with basic needs,providing face masks and sanitizers to vulnerable areas.Jack Ma a Chinese tycoon has already sent his relief consignment to help the country fight the pandemic.

Ruto has been a great proponent of Ubuntu philosophy which is rooted in love,truth,peace,happiness, eternal optimism,inner goodness which is inherent within each being.If Ruto considers this option it will augur well the needy and elevate him to ‘saviour’.

Support the government in fight against Covid-19

Despite the ‘cold war’ between him and the head of state this is an appropriate time to bury political hatchet and work hand in hand to combat this pandemic. Through unity its practically possible to achieve the unachievable.


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