RMS blasted for hiring cheap labour & half-baked journalists after ’embarrassing’ reporting of Nyoro’s arrest

Inooro TV reporter Victor Kinuthia/Twitter.

Inooro TV reporter Victor Kinuthia continues to be trolled on social media after his Monday night ’embarrassing reporting’ when covering the arrest of Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro for sister TV station, Citizen.

In covering the event, Kinuthia could barely construct a grammatically correct sentence in English language and struggled throughout the reporting while repeating himself on several occasions.

His incoherence and poor masterly of the Queen’s language did not escape the eyes of hawkish social media users who did not spare a moment before tearing him into pieces.

“I’m not a journalist, but from a layman’s point of view, this is a very poor feed. Ur reporter doesn’t have good command of English language, fumbled a lot. I couldn’t quite make what he was trying to explain. With the likes of @LinusKaikai, @Fchurii, @YvonneOkwara @jageyo i think RMS can do beta,” said Samson Owiti on Twitter.

His editorial boss at Royal Media Services Joe Ageyo and other RMS journalists would, however, defend him saying the ‘poor’ reporter gave it his best.

ODM aligned blogger Dikembe Disembe would, however, hear none of it saying that there was no excuse the reporter performed so dismally.

“You’re only “standing with Victor” because your (Royal Media Services) recruitment culture maximizes on cheap labour of low paid correspondents like him. Was in media school with very fine English Speaking Gikuyu students (who were also very good in Gikuyu language). Wea they?” Dikembe paused.

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