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Sifuna reveals what he would have done to Aisha Jumwa were it not that ‘I am a Luhya man’

Aisha Jumwa walking away after she grabbed microphone off Edwin Sifuna’s hands. [Credit/K24]
ODM Secretary General, Edwin Sifuna, has revealed what would have befallen Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa after she grabbed the microphone from his hands while he was addressing mourners during the burial ceremony of Mombasa Deputy Governor William Kingi’s father.

Sifuna who says he has nothing personal against Jumwa, notes that the incident was shameful of the lawmaker and embarrassing to him but as a well brought up Luhya man, he had no business arguing with a mannerlessly brought up woman.

“It is very shameful for a leader to grab the microphone from me but as a Luhya, I was not taught how to argue with women publicly neither do I raise a hand on a woman, that is why I had to let her take the microphone,” says Sifuna.

He notes that there is nothing wrong he had said to warrant the MP’s barbaric behaviour.

“The point I was trying to make is that I was just doing my job and there is nothing personal, there is a law that you must respect the political party on which you were elected, that law was not made by Edwin Sifuna, it was passed by the National Assembly,” Sifuna said.

Sifuna and Jumwa have been at odds following the latter’s expulsion from the party over disloyalty after she publicly said she was supporting Deputy President William Ruto for the 2022 presidential race.

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