Signs A Girl Likes You But Is Playing Hard To Get

by Olage Martin

Every man has asked himself if a lady is playing hard to get on them. As men it’s better to know if a lady is attracted towards you before approaching them. Some men end up discovering that the lady never loved then after spending much of their time and valuables on them.

Here are signs a girl likes you but she’s playing hard to get.

1. She doesn’t say ‘no’

A girl who is not attracted to you will always have the courage to say no to your flirts and efforts, whether politely or otherwise. She’ll make it crystal that she’s not interested in you. If she’s playing hard to get, chances are, she’ll not shut you down but make you chase after her.

2. She pretends to be busy

The first few times you ask a woman out, she will most likely say that she is busy that day, that she had already made plans with another friend or that she has been invited to a party she planned on attending. She always seems to be busy and it might seem like she is trying to avoid you. She’ll do this so that you don’t think she’s desperate.

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