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Signs He Wants To Marry You Someday

Let’s face it! You’d want your man to propose to you if you truly love him. If you wholeheartedly love him, you’ll starting picturing your future together with him, how all roses it would turn out to be. You may be well aware that he admires you and loves you unconditionally. However, getting to know if he’s interested in marrying you remains to be a question.

Below are some of the signs that he’s interested in making you his wife someday.

1. He has made you part of his life

If he’s interested in marrying you, he’ll move a nerve to know you better and he will almost always communicate beyond his fantasies and desires. If he shares his goals with you, confides in you, and includes you in his day to day life, he wants to make you his forever flame.

2. You have met his family

It’s a clear sign he wants to marry you if he has already introduced you to his family. There’s no denying that he loves his family the most, probably besides you. If he’s interested in making you his forever flame, he’ll find a way to make you be present in his family gatherings and get-togethers.

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