Covid-19 Editors' Pick Tech


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected society on so many different levels.  It has made us wary of a variety of situations that could not just negatively affect our health, but kill us and our relatives and friends.  It has shut down a wide range of businesses, causing loss of income and self-esteem.  It has hindered our ability to interact with each other, share ideas, start or strengthen friendships, learn from one another.  It has closed schools, locking down the development of skills, ability, and growth as human beings.

For all of the negative consequences of the virus, there have been some opportunities created for society, and particularly certain sectors of society, to adapt.  In some cases adaptation will lead to more profit.  Check out the delivery sector.  In others, solving the current problems will create new products and services that will prove useful in the post-COVID-19 world.

Certainly, educational institutions have strong incentives to find short-term solutions.  Students are losing valuable time and knowledge.  Public institutions are losing the impetus to retain staff on full salaries.  Private institutions are losing income, and potentially students to homeschooling.  Now is the time to be pro-active, by providing online learning opportunities.


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