Sonko on spot again for not paying Nairobi beautification casual workers for over four months…

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko is yet again on the spot for failing to pay workers who have toiled day and night to give Nairobi CBD a new look.

One of the workers told Magical Kenya News that his house has been locked for failure to pay rent, even after the beautification program has drained millions of shillings from the Nairobi residents.

To add even more agony, he decried at how he has had to walk to work for 4 months now.

“Sonko’s administration has not paid us for 4 months now..we only met with the governor earlier this month at City Stadium where he promised to pay us but to date the same has not been done,” hinted a male worker to this source.

Another female worker disclosed to this source how she was optimistic that the governor’s meeting at City Stadium proved fruitful only for the unimaginable to happen.

“When we met Sonko at City Stadium he promised that he was going to pay us the following day but that was never going to happen,” she said.

She also revealed how Sonko’s administration slashed their pay by 50% after the first month in work.

“We started the job in April this year and we were paid Ksh 30000, we were so happy and praised Sonko’s efforts,..however, the following month the same was slashed to 15000 and we haven’t been paid even a cent,” she disclosed.The results she says has left them with many debts to pay, with some even being at risk of divorce.

The situation is so dire but some suffering employees couldn’t talk to us for fear of being victimised.Many narrated of how they have had to live with friends as they could no longer afford basic things like food, house rent among other things.”Imagine working for four months without a dime,In fact my wife had to go to up country as I could no longer feed, clothe or house her.The land lord vowed to throw away my belongings as the rent arrears was unbearable to me.” Said one of the affected person now living with his friend.

The big questions to Sonko’s administration:
1). Does it concern you that a poor Nairobi resident can struggle to put food on the table yet they are deemed ’employed’?

2). Is it not a right for employees to be paid on time especially in Nairobi county where we struggle to pay for everything?

3). Where did the millions allocated toward Nairobi beautification go in to?
4). Is Sonko only interested with PR stunts at the expense of suffering Nairobians?

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