The painful story of allegedly killed form one girl in Gatanga CCM School

Late Ebbie Noelle
A mother Martha Wanjiru from Langata, Nairobi is mourning sudden and painful dismiss of her daughter. Martha got shocking news from Gatanga CCM School, Muranga on Saturday that her late daughter was sick and therefore requested to rush to the Naidu hospital, Thika. This came with a suggestion that she shouldn’t go alone.

Her daughter 15-year-old, just joined form one this year. On arrival to the hospital, Martha met the cold body of Ebbie Noelle Samuels with the swollen tummy.

“She also had foam in her nostrils. On inquiring to know what had happened, the principal told me that my daughter had gone to sleep the previous night, but failed to wake up in the morning.”Martha said

School Principal Ms Veronica Wanjiku went ahead to inform her, Ebbie had on Friday run across country marathon where she emerged among top 10 among 900 girls. She later washed her clothes and retired to bed.

Unfortunately, her friends noticed she failed to wake up and alerted their matron.Matron called Deputy Principal who instructed Ebbie clothes to be changed and that is when she was taken to the hospital.

Martha accepted the fate and transferred body of late Ebbie to Nairobi and went straight to school.

Martha met Deputy Principal who insisted on what Ms Veronica had told her.

She was denied access to Ebbie’s bed but given her beddings and other stuff she had after insisting for them.

“Among the things we collected was a bucket of wet clothes, which the Principal had said were clean clothes, yet they were mixed with dirty ones. This, even after the Principal, Ms Veronica, had earlier said that my daughter had washed her clothes and hung them on the lines. ,” she said

According to 3 autopsies conducted by the school, family and government pathologies indicates that Ebbie was inflicted by a blunt object on the head. This caused her to bleed to death. The body will be laid to rest on Friday at Langata.

“Why is the school giving scant information? What is Principa Ms. Veronica, hiding? How is it that our daughters can’t be safe even within a school compound? Who hit my daughter on Friday night and left her for dead at the school dorm? Please help me get justice for my daughter.” Martha pleaded for help

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