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“The revolutionary Bottom-Up Economic Plan Will Deliver Kenyans From The Yoke of Selfish Political Leaders.”William Ruto.

Deputy President William Ruto has said the revolutionary Bottom-Up Economic Plan will deliver Kenyans from the yoke of selfish political leaders. This was  during a consultative meeting with youth yesterday at his Karen residence .

He said under this new model, the Government’s priority will be the needs of the ordinary people as opposed to those of leaders.

Through the radical economic approach, Dr Ruto explained, the current economic disparity that disadvantages those at the base of the wealth pyramid will be tackled.

“It is about rescuing the country from the hostage of leaders and bringing it back to the interests of the people,” he said.

He said the model seeks to ensure everyone has equal and fair access to opportunities.

He said: “It cannot continue that the people at the top of the economic pyramid pay lower interest rates than those at the bottom.”

Dr Ruto said it was unfortunate that small business owners have to pay interest rates of up to 10 percent a day while big companies only pay around 14 per cent per year.

Similarly, he said, those at the bottom of the economic pyramid pay relatively more to the National Health Insurance Fund and National Social Security Fund compared to those at the top.

Dr Ruto wondered why Mama Mboga pays an average of 10 percent of their income to NHIF when he pays an insignificant percentage of his salary.

He noted that his plan is to set aside Sh30 billion every year as grant to small businesses operators, hence deliver them from unscrupulous financial institutions.

The Deputy President said the national conversation must be firmly centred around the creation of jobs and business opportunities for young people.

He said: “We cannot continue to leave this discussion in the hands of leaders and their interests.”

Dr Ruto said investments in micro-businesses will pay off especially on job creation saying “in any case small enterprises contribute 80 percent of jobs in Kenya today”.

He said: “The simplicity of the wheelbarrow represents the simplicity of the decisions we have to make to be able to change our country.”

Citing the decision to change the classification of roads ,Deputy Ruto  said: “By changing the model of road construction we were able to do 4 Kilometres of tarmacked road instead of 1 kilometre for the same amount.

Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wa asked youth to actively participate in the country’s politics and help build a united country devoid of tribalism.

He said: “Help us be the generation of leaders who will transform how we transact the politics of our country.”

UDA executive director Odanga Pessa said Kenyan youth are after a leader with a transformation agenda that will lift them from poverty.

Dismissing opposition leaders for focusing on historic events instead of addressing current social-economic challenges,he had this to say “We do not want to be told about those who fought for Independence, we want solutions to our current problems.”

Mr Pessa urged youth to register as members of the party and contribute towards the realisation of the bottom-up economic model.

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