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Things To Do When An Ex Contacts You Years Later

It will take you sometime to settle after noticing that your ex, who you had a two week fling or a mutual breakup with, contacted you after after a year or so. You’ll probably force yourself not to tap on the notification. If your ex wrecked your heart by cheating on you, and you still have some dislike for him/her, you’ll fight the urge not to use the newest abuse you just learned.

Here are points to ponder on before you decide to reply to that text.

1. Think of yourself first

Consider the turn your life taken after breaking up with your ex. If you had an on and off then on- again kind of relationship, then you should fight the urge of having your ex back.

2. Don’t have to reply instantly

You rather concentrate on watching your cat lick it’s own fur than replying to your ex text immediately. Instant replies communicate how interested you are in a person, and your ex shouldn’t be able to catch this hint.

3.Don’t overthink

Don’t rush into anything when an ex contacts you. Don’t overindulge. The 3 D’s of getting
contacted by an ex. If she has written, “Hey! Been a long time. How have you been?” Don’t
overthink and conclude by yourself that the nasty text she sent to you while breaking up
meant nothing and that she wants to get back together.

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