Two MT Kenya TV Journalists quit to focus on content creation for their Youtube channels!

Mt Kenya TV has received a big blow after Jane Wambui Mwangi and Hiram Maina aka Kamuhunjia quit their shows to focus on their YouTube channel.
Wambui who hosted kwarahura gikurinu show in the TV while Hiram was the director, quit earlier this week after they had enough of the struggles at the media house.
What started as a side hustle to supplement for the peanuts the presenters were receiving from Mt Kenya Tv will now be their official source of livelihood as they move to focus on what they do best on their own platforms. Our mole at the station tells us that the management tried to beg her stay but when she looked at the stability of the station vs her new venture she chose to call it quit for good.







Wambui has been using her YouTube Channel Wambui wa Mwangi to highlight human stories via interviews with people and has close to 30,000 subscribers with millions of views meaning more dollars.
She joined MT Kenya TV after internship at Inooro TV. The media house was launched in pomp and colour promising many heaven but after the first month the reality dawned on them that it was the biggest mistake of their lives to have joined it.Salary was paid for the first few months ushering in a two year period of no salary at all, how they survived only God knows. With the entry of Youtube Channel as a way of making money, many journalists who like risk taking are making a kill online with million of views which translate to more dollars.

Hiram on the other hand is an actor featuring in Tahidi high ,a musician who has sang various songs and has been using his YouTube channel (Hiram Maina kamuhunjia) which has close to 60,000 subscribers to highlight plight of actors and actresses with the recent being Machachari actor, he also made the trending story that changed the life of Tahidi High actor Omosh. Kenyans came in droves to rescue Omosh who had not paid rent for a whole year. Kamuhunjia is also a film producer who has done a number of Kikuyu movies that have aired in various Kikuyu TV stations.His Youtube channel is growing at a high speed due to his rich content boasting of millions of views.


The first to quit the said media house for Youtube channel content creating was Monica Kagoni who is now boasting of close to 100k subscribers on her channel Monica Kagoni which is arguably the fastest growing Youtube Channel bringing in new programs from time to time.It’s no doubt that Monica is now smiling on her way to the bank.

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