Uhuru Gets Sh78B Loan, Angry Kenyans Look for IMF Boss and Tell her This

Furious Kenyans have resulted to complain directly to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) boss, Kristalina Georgieva, after Kenya acquired over Sh70 billion loan for fighting COVID-19 pandemic.

IMF Executive Board on Wednesday approved the disbursement of Sh.78.3 billion ($739 million) in emergency funding to Kenya to boost the fight on Coronavirus, which has already claimed 26 lives in the country.

The move by the Brookings Institution didn’t go well with a section of Kenyans, who stormed to Georgieva’s Twitter handle to register their protestations.

The IMF Managing Director tweeted saying she was impressed by Kenya’s response to COVID-19, including cash transfers to the most vulnerable.

“I don’t know what our hyenas lie to you guys they are doing with the money, but the truth is, its getting stolen. If the international community wanted to help Kenya, the chance was lost at the hague. We don’t have a money problem, we have a stealing problem,” a tweep, identified as Timothy Mbugua, told Georgieva.

Another one, @kaeiretu, said: “This “financing” will be stolen and not used for the intended purposes.You should conduct due diligence before approving such undertakings. Jack Ma donated tons of Covid19 related items , none of them reached their intended purposes.”

Sam Mwangangi claimed the funds would be embezzled, and begged Georgieva to advance him a personal loan which he would repay at a later date.

“Please give me a personal loan IMF I beg please…I just know that money you’ve given to the Kenyan government will never reach me I PROMISE I’LL PAY BACK NO MATTER WHAT PLEASE I beg even if it’s a meagre 5000$ or more American dollars please,” Mwangangi tweeted.

However, some tweeps such as Ubuntu were grateful to the Brookings Institution for seeking to help the country overcome the COVID-19 crisis.

“Congratulations to my people of Kenya of Kenya. I hope IMF funds rejuvenate our spirit to hustle,” Ubuntu said.

“Thank you Georgieva and entire IMF family for the unwavering support to sub-Saharan African nations with limited fiscal space to contain the VIRUS.I would like to bring your attention to war ravaged country of Somalia.A country with no ample health expenditures to fight this virus,” added Abdihakim Issak.

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