Video: Is Apostle Ng’ang’a advocating for rape?

Controversial Kenyan pastor James Ng’ang’a. [Source/ Twitter/ Robert Alai]
Controversial wayward Apostle James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism has come under criticism yet again after he made a comment that was interpreted to advocate for rape.

In a viral video in which he was responding to the male members of his church who had demanded an apology from him for threats issued against them, Ng’ang’a boldly responded to them that how neither had gone to jail nor raped women.

“Uijaribu kutisha Ng’ang’a. Tena wewe haujaenda jela, wewe hauja rape wanawake, wewe hakuna kitu unajua. Wewe umetoka tu shule ukaokoka. Mimi nimepita matisho. Na kama utaongea uongee kwa kanisa yako na wale wanakuamini, mimi sikuamini. Kama nungekuamini ningefungua hii yangu na yako. Hiyo nimemaliza, najua ita trend),” Ng’ang’a said in the viral video which was shared by popular Comedian Jalang’o.

Some netizens have interpreted Pastor Ng’ang’a’s sentiments as admission to rape and want the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to investigate the claims made.

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