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Video of Kenyan Woman Crying For Help in a Saudi Hospital Goes Viral

A video of a Kenyan woman crying for help in a hospital in Saudi Arabia has hit waves across the internet.

The woman believed to be of Kenyan origin is seen lying in a hospital bed with widespread body injuries.

At the beginning of the video, the woman identifies herself as Mary Wanjiru Nyambura from Njoro, Nakuru county.

Nyambura claimed she was hospitalized after being pushed from a storey building by her employee.

“I was pushed from an alleviated point and fell on my back. I also hurt my foot,” Nyambura claimed.

Due to the fall, she fractured her spinal cord, Nyambura can barely move or sit upright. Well it gets worse , her troubles continued when she received information that she was going to be moved to a non-disclosed location.

Nyambura heavily doubts the move given that she had not fully recovered. She therefore fears that her life is in danger.

“I have been told that tomorrow I will be taken elsewhere, yet I have no idea where I will be taken,” a worried Nyambura claimed.

The Kenyan national pleaded for speedy help from the government to help her get back to the country as she feared for her life.

She revealed that she had left the country for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital under an agent in search of a job.

Her case adds to the number of Kenyans who suffer under their employees in Gulf countries after being promised lucrative jobs by undocumented agencies. Grass sure seems not to be greener on the other side following these escalating  incidents .

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