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Video: Shock as corpse falls off the casket after pallbearers lose grip while dancing crazy

Credit/Ghetty Images.

In a new trend that is increasingly becoming popular and which is meant to give the dead a befitting send-off, families in the West African country of Ghana are hiring dancing pallbearers.

The dancing pallbearers are supposed to jive to popular songs with the corpse lying inside the casket which gives the subsequent burial rites a refreshing touch.

However, this awkward swaying of caskets from side to side, dropping to the floor and spinning around the corpse inside the casket did not go well in a recently held funeral after the corpse apparently tired of the too much drama, fell out of the casket.

This was after the dancing pallbearers at the funeral lost their balance and grip of the casket with the corpse inside while jamming to a song that carried away their minds.

Family members and loved ones of the deceased were left in disbelief when the corpse fell out of the casket and can be heard in a viral video exclaiming in shock as the pallbearers struggled to cover the corpse.

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